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Megatron... Holding Megatron by KrytenMarkGen-0

the picture combines the two Decpticon leaders from the same show. However the lighting you have used on the figure gives and shine it ...


Future Chief stood in the corner of the brightly lite room as the lights stobbed. He wounder why people were dancing to this crazy music he shook his head. He was woundering why Duncan-117 wasn't in this mix but he didn't think about it for much as Thriteen grabbed his hand and pulled him to the center dance floor and begun dancing

"No" Future Chief said before Daniel slapped him on the back
"Come on Dance battle bro" Danny Said dancing. Future Chief accpeted the Battle and begun dancing. Everyone stopped and looked at the two dancing. Sam opened the door to let Thriteen's Suprise guest come in. Future Chief stopped and looked at Duncan with an amiraled Cloak hanging off his shoulders. But Future Had to resume Dancing. The Crowd grew with Cyber and Other Company 0051 members. They watched as Future Chief and Danny Danced. the two danced for eight hours until Danny surrenedered and Future Chief was named Dance king

" AS YOUR KING OF DANCE EVERYBODY DANCE NOW" Future Chief Shouted and the crowd begun dancing. Future Chief danced with Thriteen while Danny, Duncan and Eve danced more aless to thriller, the rest just danced. Future sam sat away from the group and didn't smile

"Screaw dancing" She muttered. Well until Future Chief and Chief grabbed her and pulled her to the dance floor  Future Sam shook her head but the Dancing Chiefs made her smile as the two begun to dance around her she finally gave in and begun dancing her self the night went on and soon it was six in the morning and mostly everyone had collapsed and was asleep. Thriteen rested on Future Cheif's Chest

the end
XIIICompany0051 a Night to remember
My entery for the Contest for XIII0051
Ricky Started up. He groaned as he brought his two heads up. he looked around his surroundings at the Sleeping Kitty Gang, Sleeping Riptor's Gang and Foxy. He growled as Foxy wasn't in his spot nor was Jaws. He growled and moved out to find the Priate Fox and Angler Shark. He did find them sitting in the main hall.

"Breaking News-Mangle spotted with two guys" Ray said to Ran and Ricky. Ran moaned
"They are as good as dead" said Ricky Moving at a jogging speed towards Jaws and Foxy

Jaws and Foxy
"Yar Mangle come on I have A Pirate Ship for the Two of us Lass" Said Foxy
"but I can Actually Give you love" Preached Jaws. Mangle shock her head and Continued Ignoring  The Two Lovers until a massive Crash happened. Mangle and her endo Skeleton Head looked down at the pile of Animatronics. Rick picked up Jaws and threw him across the room while he kicked Foxy in the head. Ricky Growled At both of them

"STOP IT RICKY" Shouted Mangle
"You should Have a better man than these two" Ricky said as Jaws Screeched and lunged at him with Foxy, but were batted away

Back in the Animatronic room

Boss Awoke to find a Younger looking Animatronic looking up at him

"Vhat can Comrade Boss help you with You Comrade?" Boss said in his programed Russian Voice
"Dad is fighting again" the young Animatronic said. Boss got off stage and stepped into the hall to avoid a Flying Jaws. When he saw Ricky holding Foxy up by his throat. he noticed that Foxy's hook arm hung limply to his side while Jaws couldn't move his right hand. Mangle was frigtened. Boss ran off and down to Animatronic Security and activated Duncan and Mike and the other Quickly

Three hours later. Rick stood over a broken Jaws and Foxy before crushing their heads in he was lifted off the ground by Duncan The Marionette. Gorza and Derpy set to fix Foxy and Jaws.  soon Ricky, Foxy and Jaws were all sitting hands bound behind their Backs as Riptor, Kitty and Freddy. the Leaders facepalmed and couldn't believe what they were told. The Marionette's stood ready to pounce

"What the Fuck Ricky?" said Riptor who was 8"6
"we had an Agreement" Said Kitty
"and you go and nearly Destroy it" Said Freddy

Petal Stood with Boss and Mangle

"All Three of you are Grounded To the Traps Cell" Said Freddy,Riptor and Kitty as The Three were dragged off by Duncan and Mike the Marionette.

Mangle said to Ricky
"I'll have that Date later" she said and winked and walked off

Foxy and Jaws said nothing as all three were dragged

Riptor Faceplamed
"What are we going to do About them" Said Riptor
"I don't know" Said Kitty and Freddy
"Let us Get them Repaired" Said Boss
"If Monster were here he would stop it" Said Toy Freddy

all of the leaders nodded and parted ways

IN the Trap Cell

"Women" said Springtor  and As he looked at a love struck Ricky. Jaws and Foxy played snap not listening to Ricky's half attemped apology's
Spring Fredbear facepalmed and looked at Springtor and Springtrap
"They obivously don't know abut women" he said as the Nightmare animatronics breifly flashed scaring all six of them
"Prodject Nightmare" Said the three Spring lock and normal Animatornic's before a nightmareish Riptor Landed infront of them and smiled. His sutie gone around his neck and lower jaw. He had four jaws and as he stood up he looked more like a dinosaur with his massive claws on his feet and two that arched back ready to cut into someone
"RICKY YOUR TIME HAS COME" the Nightmare Riptor Annoucend before jumping onto and tearing Ricky apart in front of the others. Ricky was no more and Nightmare Riptor Vanished as Riptor, Kitty and Freddy ran in and stopped at the destroyed remains of Ricky
Foxy VS Ricky- a Mangled fight
Enjoy the Ending

Kitty's gang (c) Kitty's Funhouse

Riptor's Gang (c) ME and (c) :iconsabaleye:

Nightmares and Freddy's Gang (c) Scott Cawthon
M.Duncan was puzzled and getting alot more annoyed with the Animatronic suites. from Riptor's Gang to Freddy's gang toys included. He looked at each full Animatronic suite and Endo skeleton, The Phantoms and Shadows even the gold ones but still one major question played on the crimson armored Makuta's mind, How did the Dead  Children and Security Officers of the Resurant haunt the suites, M.Duncan Scratched one of his Orange horns atop of his mask*. He shook his head and threw a wrench-out of anger- into one of his lab walls shattering the protodermis tool and the Brick it colided with.

"For the love of Mata nui this is DAM ANNOYING" he screamed before picking up wooded chair and throwing it at the door, knocking the giant steel-oak/ walnut and protodermis cover off it's hinges. cause most Makuta to look at him and avoid the bigger Makuta as he placed the doors back on it's hinges and closing it. He sighed and walked to Scar and a Massive Tunneler beast* and sat down with a Human alcoholic beverage from one of the other Makuta's trips. He looked at the bottle it read
a brand of Vodka made by some brewery. M.Duncan opened it and downed it in one gulp. He knew that Alcohole effected Makuta by making their artidermis react causing mad visions. But as Makuta Duncan had Photonic Blood he suffered mad genuis strokes occasionally. He stood up and annouced loudly
"I NEED TO GO TO WHEN THIS STARTED" He exclaimed. two of his Hellrahkshi and Helldrones gathered the equipment needed. while they were doing that Lieutenant and Danny Had objections to Makuta Duncan's plans

"Sir i Recomend taking us aswell" Said the Lieutenant*
"for saftey" Danny chimed in
"You two worry like mother hens, Besides I am a Shogun, Makuta warlord, Order commander and former toa" Makuta Duncan said placing his stuff into a bag
"But your going to 1983 not 1987 what if Riptor sees-" The Leuitenant begun but was cut off by M.Duncan
"That is when the Animatronics of Freddy's gang First killed, I have investigated Riptors Part of this. But Spring-Riptor,Fredbear and Spring Bonnie is where it begun" M.Duncan said stepping towards a portal.

1983- 2 days before the party-about 3:00 in the morning
M.Duncan stepped out of the Portal and turned into a Normal Human with red clothing and a Black trench coat with dark red jeans and black shoes. He placed a pair of sunglasses and made sure his left arm was covered by the coat and glove he wore. he looked around and found a car and took it and loaded the equipment in it. It wasn't long before he found the Diner and a hotel not far from it. Using his powers of mind control he forced the human female at the counter to give him the keys. He awoke the next morning and headed to the Family Diner and used his mind control on the manger for a job at the diner as a preformer, He was showen by a man in Purple named Vincent to his suite a golden bear
"That's fredbear, you are him" Vincent said
"Right" M.Duncan replied
"you need to Crank the Endoskeleton back to the sides and head out with the Riptor actor and Spring Bonnie one, Word of warning don't do any sudden movements or breath heavily on the springlocks they will fail and hurt/ kill you" Vincent said walking off to let M.Duncan to get in to the suite. M.Duncan had taken the name of Micheal Duncan a 32 year old male to blend in. He stood on the stage infront of happy children with the Spring Bonnie and Spring Riptor actors.
"Hay there kids it's me Fredbear. How are you doing" M.Duncan spoke putting on a Fake voice for the Fredbear
"Hay fred don't forget me your best bunny buddy Bonnie" Spring Bonnie's actor said
"or me Buddies" Chimed the Spring Riptor actor
"Hehehe okay then looks like the gang is here, who is enjoying the pizza?" M.Duncan asked the kids

this went on for about two hours before the Three actors retired behind stage and set the Animatronics back to Animatronic mod to preform. Duncan Sat on the bench sipping at a soda
"Hay Micheal, Great job out there" said a voice. M.Duncan looked up to see one of the actors
"Oh thanks John" M.Duncan said
"Listen me, Peter, Lewis, Vincent, Scott, Jake and Jackson are going to get a drink. you wanna come? "asked John
"Sure" Said M.Duncan. it was about closing time when the group arrived at the bar not far from Fredbears.
"Alright lets talk about today" Jake said
"It was good. No Injueries but some one locked a kid in the back" Said Peter
"I saw the same kid getting left behind from his brother" Lewis said. M.Duncan sipped his drink
"That is going to cause an accident" Said John
"Hay did you hear about to people at the sister location having their springlocks fail" Said Jackson
"Yea" said Jake.
"Hay Micheal were are you from?" Asked Lewis changing the subject
"I am from New Zealand" M.Duncan Said
"No wonder" said John
"Enough enough" Jake said as their food arrived. the group of men dug in and then after about an hour parted ways.

1 Day until the Party
M.Duncan awoke and headed to the Diner that morning and did his job like any other morning
at lunch Jake was Nervous as was Peter. M.Duncan knew he was suffering Post-Tromatic Stress after Veitamn, but this caused John and M.Duncan to worry
"Were is Jackson?" Peter Asked Jake
"No i Haven't" Jake said. John rung Jackson. He was there this morning but had not returned. M.Duncan used an elite Assiassin drone to locate him to which it did and M.Duncan ran to Jake.
"He's at his house. I'll head out to get him with John. keep the Animatronic's on Endo skeleton and we'll call you with any update" M.Duncan said as Jake waved him to go and get Jackson

The two arrived at the house and kicked the door in and found Jackson in a pool of his own blood.
"You call the Medic's I'll Call jake" M.Duncan said
"Right Micheal" John said as the two sent out call's

the Next day
M.Duncan had been told that John had been killed that night staying at Jackson's, Peter and Lewis filled the other suites knowing what to do. After the show, M.Duncan was getting food from the place and sat down at a table with Lewis. the two were talking when the heard a cry and looked up. Fredbear had a child in his jaws. the two ran and stopped the animatronic and called for an ambulance. Scott, Jake, Vincent and Peter arrived to make ward off the press and Help the cops.

M.Duncan had his evicdance and returned to Hotel only to be confronted with a Female
"Hello Micheal" SHe spoke
"Hello Purple Girl" M.Duncan smiled
"How do you know?" She stuttered. M.Duncan only meet her questinon with laughter as he turned into his form and disapeared. Apon returning to Destrel he added his new Evidance and it begun to make sense

"Riptor Kills the first person
bloodbath of 1969
Riptor and Freddy's Gang retired
First kid murdered with John and Jackson
Lucaus killed by the mother
Fredbears closes
Freadbear, Spring Bonnie, Spring Riptor and Back rooms sealed
Toy Animatronics built
The first five killed and hind in the suites by the puppet
Duncan is killed and placed in Riptor
Toy's Scrapped with Puppet but not Duncan the Marionette
Golden Riptor and Golden Freddy and Shadow Freddy, Bonnie and Riptor
Mike suffers the Bite of '87
Fazbears shuts down
Fredbears old location renamed to Fazbears Pizzira
Scott and Vincent Murdered
Fazbears Closed down
Jake, Lewis and Peter return and learn the truth
Lewis becomes Spring Fredbear
Peter Becomes Springtrap
Jake becomes Springtor
the haunt Fazbears fright
it burns down.
Springtor, Springtrap and SpringFred survive and are brought by Mike
Nightmare animatronics and Phantoms disaper
Purple Girl Killed by Monsters of the past" M.Duncan  said writing it down
Bionicle: Five Frights at Fredbears FT NYAFN
*Leuitenant (Left tenant) is a Hellbattle drone. the only one left. He is good friends with Danny dispite being a Machine.
THe Leuitenant is the one who stops attempts on M.Duncan's Life

THe Mask of Shadowed time is a Kraahan that has Vahi features for the mouth guard and is as long as stronious helmet *the mask that is* and it is Makuta Duncan's Weapon

FNAF (c) Scott Cawthorn (good game I love it)
Nine Years and Five Nights and M.Duncan and John, Jackson, Purple Girl, Lucus, Jake, Duncan, Scott, Vincent Peter and Lewis (c) ME
Bionicle (c) Lego
Before the Grand Schisim

Captain Thel Durmaee' Stood on board his CCS- Heavy Battle cruiser one of three prototypes. He looked at Sangheili, Kig yar and Uggnoy rush about doing their jobs. To massive Crimson armored Legkolo Clonies stood guarding Durmaee' from attackers. He wore his Sliver/Grey Spec ops armor and Flight Helmet in the same colour scheme.
"Captain I have something you need to deal with" A voice said from behind Durmaee'. The Elite Captain Turned to face a Blue Spec ops Grunt

"Zip zip what is it?" Asked Durmaee'. The Grunt handed him a Data pad before walking off to make sure the Hugrogk and Yanme'e weren't fighting.

"grr, Navagtion officer check course we're off it" Durmee said
"But I entered the cordonates and the Data needed for the jump" Begun the Nav Officer
"Don't Give me lip. Take us out of slip space now" Thel-Durmaee said. the Grey Battlecruiser exited slipspace.
"I do hope the Light in the Dark  can last" Thel Muttered to himself. The Light was his Battlecruiser have 70 Plasma Turrents, four Plasma Torpedos stations aswell as hangers for Ships the Light wasn't to be laughed at. He had used it to shoot Human cvillian ships during the seige of Reach. Thel hated killing civillions but all humans had to die so was the prophets will. Durmaee' had twice been threated with public exocution for freeing Human prisoners more than once. Durmaee' Growled as he saw no other Covenant Ships
"were are they?" asked a Kig yar to a Sangheili
"CONTACTS ON RADAR" shouted the Radar Operator.
"BRING THE SHIP TO RED ALERT AND ARM ALL PLASMA TORPEDOS AND WARM THE TURRENTS NOW" Durmaee shouted and the Crew and ship Jumped to Battlestations as a odd triangler looking ship appered  on view screens. It was massive, Looking like a floating fortress of Human design it wouldn't be too much of a fight. The ship was rocked by an explosion
"That was a Laser shot" Said a Uggony
"Sheilds are holding" Said An Sangheili Officer
"FIRE TORPEDOS" Durmaee shouted.
The Light dimmed as the four plasma torpedos were launched and headed strait to the ship. It hit but the massive ship still kept comming
"ENEMY SMALLER FIGHTERS" The same Officer as before shouted
. Durmaee' growled. His ship was not a Carrier and only had a small handfull of Seraph and Banshees ready.
"AND GET AN TRANSMISSION TO GET SOME HELP NOW" the coms officer jumpped to it. Plasma and laser Fire begun to light up space.
"SIR HUMAN SHIPS" the Radar officer shouted
no doubt three human Cruisers had arrived. Durmaee was not in the mood to deal with four Human ships.
"FOCUS ON THE BIG ONE AND LEAVE THE OTHER THREE ALONE" he ordered as the the neared the bigger ships
"FULL BROADSIDE" Durmaee shouted and all Plasma turrets on the port side along with the plasma Torpedos opened fire smashing into the massive triangler ship, but to no avail the massive ship attached three boarding tubes from it's starboard side onto Thel Drumaee ships
"incoming transmission" Shouted the comss officer
"Captain Thel Durmaee, THis is UNSC Kyoto under sun we are here to help what would you like help with?" said the Human Captain
"Launcher your Fighters to deal with the massive ships fighters and help us destroy this massive ship" Durmaee said over the com
"Rodger, Kyoto Under sun out" The human captain said cutting the signal
"GET READY FOR BOARDING" Shout Durmaee, The Yamne'e grabbed weapons along with the brutes under Cheftien Lundas to guard the Engineers. While Thel's Brother Del got Other Covenant and Some Human Prisoners ready to help repal borders. The Three Human Criusers launched their Longsword and Broadsword fighters to help the Seraph, Banshees and Phantom Gunships Thel Durmaee had launched, then moved on to help Thel's ship as a Covenant Carrier droped out of Slipspace with some human and covenant ships launching their fighters aswell. But none of the bigger ships deared open fire on the big Triangler ship due to thel Durmaee's ship.
on board the Light of Darkness

Thel Durmaee' stood with a Squad of Jackels, Yanme'e, Grunts and Brutes. the Two Massive Hunters stood redy with the Human and Elites in active camo as White armored Men blew the door off and entered and started shooting. The Covenant troops returned fire killing the men. Durmaee the two hunters entered the Bigger shipto remove the Tubes.
"Return Gestron and Destorn*" Durmaee said the Two Hunters Returned and Thel Activated his Active camo and started looking for the Bridge. It had been four hours and Thel Finaly reached the bridge and entered it to see Humans and Robots. But before he could do anything he found the Docking tube relese button. He hit it and his Active camo Modual Melfuctioned and reveled the Elite Captain. Thel Durmaee ran off the bridge cutting White maand after White man down. he ran into a Hanger and saw now fighter ships. Thel Durmaee' activated his armor's space mode and jumpped out of the hanger and the Human and Covenant ships opened fire destroying the Triangler Vessel. Thel Driffted in space among the Fighters debries. A Pelican Found him and returned to the UNSC Hopeful.

Four weeks later

Thel Durmaee' awoke to see Arbiter Thel Vadam, The Captain of the Kyoto, Chefiten Lundads and Hunter Destron all looking at him

"He's awake" Vadam Said Patting Drumaee' On the back
"What happened?" Asked Thel Durmaee'
the Four People there took turns to explain the Grand shism, End of the war and the alliance between Sangheili and Humans.
"I would like to return home soon" Thel Durma said dropping his ee' Suffex.
Halo: time paradox
Destron is Duncan the Hunter and the other Hunter was his Bond Brother. Duncan Kills it to save Duncan-117 in the final days of The Human Covenant War.

This Time we Follow Captain Thel Durma (altho Durmaee') During a Normal Patrol.

Note: Due to it being before the Covenant Civil war, when Thel Durma exits slipspace it is literally the Grand Schisim so that is why the Human and Covenant Ships are not Attacking each other

So Ships
UNSC Kyoto Under Sun (one of the Three Crusiers)
UNSC Southern Alps (one of the Three Curisers)
UNSC Freddy Fazbear (One of the Three Curisers)

CCS- Light in the Darkness
Carrier- Winter's Coming (carrier)

Star wars
A Super Star Destroyer (like Vaders one)

Star wars (c) Disney

Freddy Fazbear (c) Scott Cowthern

Halo (c) 343 Indi

Thel Durma, and his Ship, the Two UNSC Ones, (all bar Thel Vadam) Named Covenant Characters (c) Me
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Got fired.
No I am not okay
Need vodka
not about getting Fired or Feeling like Crap


finshed FNAF (I got all three stars)
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Other thing

Got fired.
No I am not okay
Need vodka
not about getting Fired or Feeling like Crap


finshed FNAF (I got all three stars)
  • Mood: Rejected
  • Listening to: Love and Joy
  • Reading: Nothing At the moment
  • Watching: Fnaf Stuff
  • Playing: Halo 2
  • Eating: The Mocoraina
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I am Duncan and this is My deviantart page. It cost's Four hundred Thousand Dollars to Look at this page for twelve Seconds *roars with laughter* I am only kidding mate…

My Tumbler

ducannuva,i know how u pushed around like trash too,but.i mean,peapole are mean and hateful,but i heard a story about a girlwhos in collage,and when she went to middle school and high school,she was bullied,but,in the end the guy bullying her was put in to comunity servace and had to leave gorgia.and i feel like you becuse when i was little my brother said was adopted,and this kid at my day care when i was five picked on me all the time,but,i steeled my nerves and over came it,in the end i was no longer afraid of him.if he picked on me id ignore him and pretend he was a brick.but if you dont listen to us and leave,ill die,and i wont say goodbuy.but the point is,your strong enough to control this.i belive you can defeat the person bullying you,and over come this.for you are powerful,strong,kind,valueble,
and one of the most greatest,and aowsome person i had commented to.but if you dont want to listen,then,so be it.but,may god bless you all the way,all the way to the goal of this.keep fighting,and im sure you will come on top of them are a mighty drago of the stars to me.and that wont cange.we care about you,and were your can talk to us whenever you wish.i hope i m helping some,becuse,i care.ill protect you.i willl be here when you need me the most.i,i just care abou tyou,im worrying about you,wondering if your allright.i know i cant stop you,from doing thimgs you must do.but,what im saying is,go were your hart leads,reach for you goal,and,freinds,are forever conected.once you love or become the closest of freinds with someone,they stay in your hart,forever.

Kind Words get you Somewhere
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People who I consider my Heros

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My Pokemon Team

Alduin- Charizard- Male- Shiney- LV 100

Rocky Road- Regirock- Male- LV 85

Dagger- Kabutops- Male- Lv 51

Crunch- Feraligator- Male- Lv 60

Cutter- Garchomp- Male- lv 100

M Duncan- Bisharp (Kirkizan)- Male- LV 67

Momiji- Mightyenna- female- LV 100

Raiji- Absol- Female- LV 100

Draxon- Septile- Male- LV 78

Yuugi- Golem- Female- LV 78

Scar- Yvetal- Male- LV Unkown

Grimlock- Tyrantrum- Male

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YOU HAVE BEEN HUGGED!!!! *Hug* SPREAD the DA love around! (you can copy and paste this message on their userpage!)

1- You can hug the PERSON who hugged you!
2- You -MUST- hug 10 other people, at least!
3- You should hug them IN PUBLIC! Paste it on their page!
4- Random hugs are perfectly okay! (and sweet)
5- You should most definitely GET STARTED hugging right away!
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Thanks for faving! :thumbsup::)
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KrytenMarkGen-0 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
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