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Megatron... Holding Megatron by KrytenMarkGen-0

the picture combines the two Decpticon leaders from the same show. However the lighting you have used on the figure gives and shine it ...


It is sad really
you activated my Trap card
your death nears
Savage awoke from his basement Lair and entered the now Burnt down pizzeria. He saw the melted and burnt remains of his former Co-workers.
"Kitty?...Mon..MON...MoNsTeR? CHRISTAN" He Cried In disbelif He looked at the Tablet Christan carried. it wasn't burnt baddly. He clicked it on and it reveled a picture of Riptor and Duncan the Marionette standing over the Flames increasing and Burning his friends.

"THEY WILL PAY" he screamed loudly


Riptor Pearked his head up and was shocked

"you okay ?" asked Chica

"Do you get the Feeling that something bad is going to happen?" Riptor Asked

"Only when I am drinking with the Ladies" Chica Replied getting a look from Riptor

Kitty's Funhouse Remains

Savage Gathered Other Parts and Turned himself into a Tri headed Being and walked out of the Destroyed Pizzeria Remains and headed toward's Freddy's and Riptors Fun house the new Attraction

At F and R's Funhouse

Riptor and Freddy were in the Sub basement of the place standing over a work bench with the Melted Remains of Kitty and co.

"get the Phantoms,Shadow Animatronics and our Golden Couter-parts to gather their plans. I have to rebuild them" Riptor Said Grabbing a Welder to melt them apart. he had removed Kitty and Monster out of the Mix when Golden Riptor and Phantom Riptor Appeared with the Plans for Kitty and Ricky.
"thank you" Riptor Said as his ghost counter parts Vanished.

Three months later.

Ritpor had rebuilt and fixed each one of kitty's Gang and let them rest with there memories intact. He walked out and sat down with Freddy. Both over the Three months had wore them selves out and Riptor nearly hard restarted himself three times. the duo hadn't gotten to start talking when the Door flew off and smashed into the wall digging it's self in halfway

"WHAT HELL HECK" both of them screamed as they got up and ran to the door way to find a Massive Three headed Being.

"WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?" Asked Riptor and Freddy
" is that what you asked them before you Killed them?" Savage Said
Gorza, Derpy,Foxy and the other Male animatronics had arrived along with all three Marionettes and stood. Duncan the Marionette Charged but was stopped by a Music box playing as was Mike and the Marionette. The three Marionettes were out. Riptor Jumped and Lunged for Savage only to be batted away. Riptor Shook his head and stood up.

"KEEP HIM DISTRACTED I HAVE A PLAN" Riptor said as Gorza Grabbed a Steel pole and Derpy Pulled out his Knives. Foxy Drew his hook and Bonnie Grabbed his Guitar. Riptor Ran down the stairs into the Basemet below the Sub basement. he ran past Kitty's gang actiavting Ricky without knowing it. Riptor Kicked the Steel door off it's hinges

"is Time..time" a Voice croaked from the shadows.
"yes" Riptor Replied as three Sets of White eyes looked at him. Riptor Walked out to catch Arr and putt him Down.

"HAY UGLY" Riptor said Savage Turned and Trained a Flash light on him and Caused him to hard Restart. Savage looked at the Defeated Male Animatronics and stood over Riptor and was sent flying Backwards. He looked up and shook his head and his Vision Cleared there stood a rotting Riptor Suite with a Rotting Freddy Suite and Bonnie Suite. The Bonnie suite had a Grin while the Freddy was angery and had one ear gone. the Riptor had his arms reveled and his hole jaw and teeth shown. But each had ghastliy White eyes and looked different, Each suite showed Animatronic and Human Remains.

"What have we here" spoke the Freddy
"i don't know" said the Riptor
"I saw we show this Savage what real Undead Look like, Riptor Trap and Freddy Trap Let's Gett him" spoke the Bonnie
"righty-o Springtrap" Both Riptor and Freddy Trap said Lunging at Savage. Savage Batted away Freddy Trap only to have his Right arm Bitten by Riptor Trap. the Male animatronics watched the Undead suties fight the Salvage one. Savage was Thrown to the Floor time and time again.

"STOP ALL OF YOU" said a voice. Freddy,Riptor and Spring Trap along with Savage Turned to face Kitty who was standing up with Willow, Ricky, Violet, Jim and Jackie. Savage was Gobsmacked as was the Undead ones

Riptor stood up

"back to your cell's Traps and thank you" Riptor Commanded. The Traps nodded and walked to the cell. Mike Schimdt walked out with Kitty's former owner to see the Head of Fazbear, Riptor and Kitty's all standing not killing. Duncan and the Three other Marionettes stood up and rubbed their heads as if recovering from a hangover.

"as your Former has just been arrested Miss Kitty you are now up for sale" Mike Begun. Riptor and Freddy stood to one side
"you are now no longer on sale as I have brought you and plan to restore you to Show readyness to preform with Riptor the Raptor, Freddy Fazbear, Boss the Raptor*, Toy Freddy Fazbear and Hans the Bat. However as for Monster He will be put up as a Static Display as his parts and other things are unable to be brought as past recent and other Pizzeria's Destroyed his model due to hazards" Mike Finished as Vincent Removed the Manager of Kitty's from The Fun house.

Few years later Lunch time

Riptor's Gang had one Stage Complete with Mary's Ship ride
Freddy's Gang had their Area complete with Pirates Cove
Han's Gang had an Area with their attraction
Boss and Toy Freddy handled the Games and Prize corner

Duncan and Mike the Marionette's handled Animatronic Security
and Kitty's Gang Had their Area Restored from Pictures and the Burnt Remains of Their Old Fun house
Funhouse Rumble: Savage's we-Fight
*Boss is an Aligator and Riptors Toy Counter part

Riptor, Boss (mentioned), Gorza, Duncan the Marionette, Riptor and Freddy Trap (c) ME

FNAF (c) Scott

Kitty's Group (c) The Same Facebook Group
No-1: He is allergic to Snails
No-2: he has a pet German Shepard called: Rubber
No-3: His Father is Russian and a Fire Monk Master
No-4: He has a pet Polar Bear named: Pooh
No-5: He is sometimes called Springtrap
No-6: He Loves Shrimp and Other Seafood
No-7: his middle name is Vladimir
No-8: His Full name is Duncan Vladimir McIntyre
No-9: He is allergic to Strawberries but he still eats them
No-10: He was the toop of his class when he wasn't in the dissovled
No-11: he is likely to kill you more than save you :evillaughter:
No-12: he loves Mac N Cheese
No-13: He killed the last person to try and cut down his Apple tree with an apple seed
  • Mood: Joy
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  • Playing: Halo 2
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  • Drinking: Water
Four days after the Burning of Fazbears fright. A Museum in disney land had brought all of the Fazbear animatronics. Including Golden Freddy and Riptor, Springtrap. The two Purple Freddy and Bonnie suites and customed some of the suites and endo Skeletons to look like the Phantoms. Riptor stirred and walked off his stand with Freddy

"Monster betrayed us" Freddy said handing Riptor a page showing Monster with another group of animtronics

"That bastard is dead" Riptor said placing a wax replica in his spot and heading for the door

"going alone?" A familier Voice spoke out. Riptor and Freddy turned to see the ghost of Duncan with a Halo that looked like Installation-04.

"Coming Lad?" Riptor said and gave a smile as Duncan jumped inside Riptor and the duo walked to Kitty's Funhouse.

At Kitty's Funhouse

It was closing time and the owners had "found" another Animatronic. a Red vested Dinosaur wih Tan pants. They left Him in the Parts and service room. Kitty's group activated
"Head they got a new guy" Said Violet
"aperently a Dinosaur" Said Willow. Monster froze
"A Dinosaur?" he asked
"Yea what's wrong about a Dead Lizard?" asked Savage
"One thing...I ain't Dead" Said the Dinosaur
"Riptor?" Monster Said Jumping back
"SHUT IT BATTY" Riptor Roared causing the others to back away. Riptor towered over them and smiled sinistely
"Back of Lizard" said another Voice. Riptor turned and Laughed at another Wolf and Night Guard.
"Oh you have to be kidding me" Riptor said picking himself up and chuckling.
"A Makuta Duncan Wolf Copy and the Stupidest Guard in history. hehehe allow me to show you why I am The King Animatronic"
Riptor the walked over to the Night Guard. With both his arms he picked him and was about to eat him before behing attacked by Monster. Riptor Staggered back and droped he guard. His smile faded to a Frown
"back of Riptor This is my new home" Monster said putting the guard down
"Oh so abandon Freddy? Bonnie? Chica? Foxy? Jaws,Derpy,Gorza,Mary?" Riptor Pointed and shouted at Monster
"Monster who were they?" asked the red and black wolf
"Monsters Kitty Monsters" Monster replied
"Coming from one" Riptor said and then Grabed and ripped off Monsters Sun Glasses reveling his Human eye. Everyone gasped. Riptor Smirked
"hid that Detail" Riptor Said then snapped the Glasses. He begun laughing as Savage attacked him
Riptor Growled At the blow
"you'll pay for that" Said Savage
"Bring it Mangle" Riptor said before stopping and his eyes turning Glasses black with a white pupil
"Hello Monster...Did you keep that Box wound up?" Said Duncan from Riptor.
"STAY AWAY FROM HIM" Shouted Monster. the guard walked up to Riptor with his taser out and shocking and taking away Riptor's Right arm
"OH YOUR DEAD" saud Riptor said angerly moving his left arm and picking up the Guard and then ate him
"NOOOO" shouted Savage and Willow in sync. after Christan was Eaten his blood soaked Riptors Mouth and upper face
"Now on to the main course" Riptor Said mving in smiling before being surrounded by the Kitty's Gang-Monster included- they each took turns Shooking him into subbmission. Riptor was on his knees at the mercy of their taser's. He had spat out Christan-who was still alive- and now he stood over him.
"hello kitty's did you miss us?" Said a voice/ the Animtronics turned and were suprised. None of them saw a long arm grab Riptor and pull him away.
"hehehehe. Let's kill" said another voice. soon the lights acitvated and standing by the door was- from left to right-

Duncan the Marionette, Freddy Fazbear, Mash, Shadow jaws, Scott and Vincent, Gorza, Foxy and Mary. Riptor stood up infront of the Tall Marionette.
"thanks Fazbear" Riptor said and Freddy smiled. Duncan Appeared next to the alive Scott and Vincent and smiled.
"what was that lad about us Being the Villan?" Foxy said
"It is you who lives up to there name lad" said Mary
"and now yourgoing to die" said Mash
"we're going to Tear you apart" said S.Jaws
"and make sure nothing is left of you or them" said Duncan the Maironette
Kitty's group stood next to Monster while Riptor had his team next to him.
"Pick one. But I have Blaze" Riptor said. everyone nodded. the group broke and fought one on one

Duncan the Marionette had attacked Willow the Blue and white Wolf
Mash Attacked Savage. The Three Head Red and Black Wolf couldn't Get the Mashed up endo skeleton with half of Mary and Riptors Face attached to Jaws's body attacking with Gorza's left arm and Riptors Right arm and clawed into him with Ar's Right leg and Derpy's Left leg.*.
Kitty went up against Freddy who laughed
Monster and Riptor Squared off
Violet went up against S.Jaws
Chrsitan and two of his Friends went up against Scott, Duncan and Vincent
Jack a black and blue Lucario went up against Gorza
Jill a rainbow animatronic wolf stood aginst Foxy
While Jackie a Blue and Green aligator went up against Mary

Duncan The Marionette VS Willow
Willow looked at her oppent. She tought Riptor was tall but This Marionette Towered over everything. She growled and pulled out her bow and fired two arrows at Duncan who caught them and laughed
"Did your Really forget about Me?" Duncan said throwing the Arrows back and Pining one into Willows arm. The Marionette Laughed his Smile and Two Blue lines* and his night guard Uniform. shone in the Light as he moved closer to Willow. She the Bite Duncan's arm and ripped it off. Duncan let out his Screech* causing Willow to Stop. Duncan the kicked her and grabbed her head
" you look tense let me give you a massage" He said and ripped her head off and crushed it and grabbed his arm and watched Mash Fight Savage.

Mash VS Savage
Mash was smaller than Savage but he Had the Upper hand for a while. He was thrown into the wall. He had closed his eyes from the impact. He looked up as Savage Jumpped on him and Screeched causing the young Animatronic To Faint. Savage turned and stood ready to Fight Duncan The Marionette. the wounded Marionette didn't move. Savage To focused didn't Hear Mash get up, But he did feel the Table Mash brought down on his head. The Marionette Laughed. Mash then used Chairs to rip off Savages other heads. Savage Grabbed Mash and begun to Chock him before he was grabbed by Duncan the Marionette
"you broke the rules. No touching the Animatronic's" Duncan said before Standing on Savage and Ripping his Spine and head clean out of his body and he threw it.  The two watched Christan and his friends fight Duncan, Vincent and Scott

Human Battle
Duncan had Taken out of the friends with a his own Taser but was out as well from being well stuck in a vacum Cleaner. Scott Round house kicked Christan
"hello hello.. you might want to check your head" Scott said to Christan as he blacked out. Vincent Let Duncan out both Duncan and Scott Saw the Dead friend
"what he had a knife in him so I tried to leave it in" Vincent said Both Duncan and Scott Facepalmed

Jack VS Gorza
Gorza was Panting as Jack had used his size against him. Gorza had received punch after kick after blow. He the stuck his arm out and clothes lined Jack and grabbed him and then used him as a rag doll and slamed him into the ground*. Before Jack could move Gorza Stabbed him to the ground with a Chair and the Caved in Jacks Face
"I thought you said they were tough?" Gorza laughed and watched S.Jaws fight Violet

S.Jaws VS Violet
S.Jaws taunted the Purple Fox to attack. she did but now after five mintues of it was tired. she was panting when S.Jaws said the FNAF one Night five call and ended Violet all together

Foxy VS Jill
The two battled for another eight mintues neither gaining the upper ground. Foxy was painting as was Jill the two clashed again this time both fell to the ground. Foxy and Jill struggled to get up but managed to and then stood before Jill fell over out of energy and Foxy Dug his hook into her Head and ripped her head off

Jackie Vs Mary

mary had been eaten By Jackie but she was now regretting it. Jackie hadn't seen Mary's Cutless that she was now using to open Jackies suite. Jackie Screamed as her suite opened and Mary Burst out of her chest emitting her Screech and stabbing- Repetally- jackie in the head. Gorza grabbed mary and pulled her out and hugged her. Now the gang watch Freddy and Riptor Fight Kitty and Monster

Leader Fights

Riptor Got up again and again with Freddy. Both of the Fazbear animatronics had ripped Clothing and suites while their oppents hadn't had a scratch. Everytime Freddy attacked Monster Attacked him and everytime Riptor made a move Kitty Hit him with the Taser.
"Double cake Revresale?" Riptor said
"Now" Freddy said the Duo Charged. Freddy grabbed Monster as he blocked and Riptor Tackled Kitty, the Taser was obliterated by the impact of a Fully Steel Robot smashing into her. While Freddy begun to rip Monster's Wings. Riptor savagly ripped Kitty appart. the duo smiled as A bearly Functional Kitty and a damaged Monster were now in the pile tied to two chairs.
"and that's the show kids" Freddy said
"We won't be back next time" Riptor said
"This has Been Freddy
Duncan the Marionette
Duncan the Jaintor
Scott and
vincent sayng Good Bye" The Group said. Before Riptor Left he made sure the others were in Scotts Truck before Screeching his actual Screech and throwing down a lighter in a pool of gasoline. Kitty's Funhouse went up in flames as Monster and Kitty Screamed as the Flames comsumed them. None of Kitty's animatronics would ever be heard fro again.

Back at the Museum

Riptor was getting fixed up when he looekd at the news paper the manager had
"YOUR RIPTOR BURNT MY ESTABLISHMENT" Shouted the former Kitty's Funhouse owner
"Now you sir have the death of three people on your had and No more Business in entertianment
By the court of America I have siezed your Establishment and now plan to sift through it to find anything that survived the fire" Riptors Manager said
"Mr Schimdt-" Begun the Manager
"Get out" said Mike to him. the Manager was shown out by a Mike the Marionette a human sized Marionette. Mike Looked at Riptor
"Monster?" he asked
"Monster" Riptor Replied careful not to harm Meldoy-Mike's Daughter-Jake- Mikes husband- nor Duncan-revived- Mike shook his head and pointed to the Melted pile of Animatronic's that had once been Kitty's gang and Monster now were nothing. Christan and his friends had been killed in the fight not fire. but Mike had paid for their funreals beacuse he was nice. The manger was serving time as for the original Fazbear Manager well. Riptor, Mike and Freddy Looked at the Suite worn by Jack the former Manager

The end
Was this a Funhouse?
Mash* Mash is Short For Mashup. He is the Combination of Riptors Gang
Duncan the Marionette* He has The Puppets Mask but no red cheeks, and perminat evil smile, Human, he wears a Fazbear Night guard suite
Gorza* Puny God form Avengers
Riptor* Screech is a Teenager/Adult not Kid

Riptor, Mash,Gorza,Duncan the Marionette, Duncan the Jaintor, Melody,Jake and Jack and Kitty's Manager (c) Me

FNAF (c) SCOTT PS well done on FNAF the Movie

Kitty's Fun house and gang (c) Facebook Group

Monster (c) BLAZE

Mike the Marionette (c) :iconrebornica:
okay I am going to post this because I want to know your Opinion

Which is deadlier

Star wars Lightsaber or the Halo Energy Sword?

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No-1: He is allergic to Snails
No-2: he has a pet German Shepard called: Rubber
No-3: His Father is Russian and a Fire Monk Master
No-4: He has a pet Polar Bear named: Pooh
No-5: He is sometimes called Springtrap
No-6: He Loves Shrimp and Other Seafood
No-7: his middle name is Vladimir
No-8: His Full name is Duncan Vladimir McIntyre
No-9: He is allergic to Strawberries but he still eats them
No-10: He was the toop of his class when he wasn't in the dissovled
No-11: he is likely to kill you more than save you :evillaughter:
No-12: he loves Mac N Cheese
No-13: He killed the last person to try and cut down his Apple tree with an apple seed
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Love and Joy
  • Reading: Nothing At the moment
  • Watching: Fnaf Stuff
  • Playing: Halo 2
  • Eating: The Mocoraina
  • Drinking: Water


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ducannuva,i know how u pushed around like trash too,but.i mean,peapole are mean and hateful,but i heard a story about a girlwhos in collage,and when she went to middle school and high school,she was bullied,but,in the end the guy bullying her was put in to comunity servace and had to leave gorgia.and i feel like you becuse when i was little my brother said was adopted,and this kid at my day care when i was five picked on me all the time,but,i steeled my nerves and over came it,in the end i was no longer afraid of him.if he picked on me id ignore him and pretend he was a brick.but if you dont listen to us and leave,ill die,and i wont say goodbuy.but the point is,your strong enough to control this.i belive you can defeat the person bullying you,and over come this.for you are powerful,strong,kind,valueble,
and one of the most greatest,and aowsome person i had commented to.but if you dont want to listen,then,so be it.but,may god bless you all the way,all the way to the goal of this.keep fighting,and im sure you will come on top of them are a mighty drago of the stars to me.and that wont cange.we care about you,and were your can talk to us whenever you wish.i hope i m helping some,becuse,i care.ill protect you.i willl be here when you need me the most.i,i just care abou tyou,im worrying about you,wondering if your allright.i know i cant stop you,from doing thimgs you must do.but,what im saying is,go were your hart leads,reach for you goal,and,freinds,are forever conected.once you love or become the closest of freinds with someone,they stay in your hart,forever.

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