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:iconduncannuva: :iconsaysplz: THIS IS MY GARLLERY

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:iconduncannuva: :iconsaysplz:

P: Put
R: This
O: On
T: Your
E: Journal
C: From
T: Being
I: Banned
O: On



Megatron... Holding Megatron by KrytenMarkGen-0

the picture combines the two Decpticon leaders from the same show. However the lighting you have used on the figure gives and shine it ...

Duncan the Schooler
Age; 17 (HTTYD 1) 21 (HTTYD 2)
Ht: 6 ft
Wt: about 20 Pounds out of Armor. 40 Pounds in armor

Infomation: Duncan is a Brave Schoolar saving many people from Dragons when they attacked. Until His ship was sunk. He was saved by an Orange and Black Dragon which Spoke Human

Dragon 1:

Class:  Mysterous
Ht: 22 FT
wt: just under 20 tons
Looks like: predaking from Transformers Prime
Notes: this Predaking has a Fake Claw on his left arm from battle damage. His right leg has Armor that has growen to his scales. Only Dragon to speak to Humans and Dragons. Also Effected by the Alpha Dragon

Dragon 2:

Dragon Race: Skrill.…
colour: Black and Red
Notes: While Under Controll of the Alpha Dragon Refused to Kill Predaking

Dragon 3:

Dragon Race: Terible Terror.

Dragon 4:

Dragon Race: Red Death.…

Notes: the Only Dragon in the Red Death Bigger than A Bewlderbeast. a Cut across his left eye. Also Refused to kill Predaking. helped In the Defeat of Draco's Bewlderbeast... Later Killed it and ate it reccorded by Hiccup, Duncan and Fishlegs
  • Mood: Rant
  • Listening to: Touhou Songs
  • Reading: The Mayflower Chronicles
  • Watching: Our distruction
  • Playing: RUN THE FUCK AWAY
  • Eating: flameable Objects
  • Drinking: flameable Liquids


Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
New Zealand
I am Duncan and this is My deviantart page. It cost's Four hundred Thousand Dollars to Look at this page for twelve Seconds *roars with laughter* I am only kidding mate…

My Tumbler

ducannuva,i know how u pushed around like trash too,but.i mean,peapole are mean and hateful,but i heard a story about a girlwhos in collage,and when she went to middle school and high school,she was bullied,but,in the end the guy bullying her was put in to comunity servace and had to leave gorgia.and i feel like you becuse when i was little my brother said was adopted,and this kid at my day care when i was five picked on me all the time,but,i steeled my nerves and over came it,in the end i was no longer afraid of him.if he picked on me id ignore him and pretend he was a brick.but if you dont listen to us and leave,ill die,and i wont say goodbuy.but the point is,your strong enough to control this.i belive you can defeat the person bullying you,and over come this.for you are powerful,strong,kind,valueble,
and one of the most greatest,and aowsome person i had commented to.but if you dont want to listen,then,so be it.but,may god bless you all the way,all the way to the goal of this.keep fighting,and im sure you will come on top of them are a mighty drago of the stars to me.and that wont cange.we care about you,and were your can talk to us whenever you wish.i hope i m helping some,becuse,i care.ill protect you.i willl be here when you need me the most.i,i just care abou tyou,im worrying about you,wondering if your allright.i know i cant stop you,from doing thimgs you must do.but,what im saying is,go were your hart leads,reach for you goal,and,freinds,are forever conected.once you love or become the closest of freinds with someone,they stay in your hart,forever.

Kind Words get you Somewhere
my DA Friends

:iconkrytenmarkgen-0: :iconstarscreamsgurl: :iconsaronicle: :icontoadjacara:
:iconhalo-yokoshima: :iconsniperray213: :iconbloodlust500: :icon4steal:

People who I consider my Heros

:iconhalo-yokoshima: :iconkrytenmarkgen-0: Peter jackson, Peter Cullan and Frank Welker

My Pokemon Team

Alduin- Charizard- Male- Shiney- LV 100

Rocky Road- Regirock- Male- LV 85

Dagger- Kabutops- Male- Lv 51

Crunch- Feraligator- Male- Lv 60

Cutter- Garchomp- Male- lv 100

M Duncan- Bisharp (Kirkizan)- Male- LV 67

Momiji- Mightyenna- female- LV 100

Raiji- Absol- Female- LV 100

Draxon- Septile- Male- LV 78

Yuugi- Golem- Female- LV 78

Scar- Yvetal- Male- LV Unkown

Grimlock- Tyrantrum- Male

---[]--- Put this
---[]--- on your
---[]--- page
[][][][] if you're
---[]--- not embarrassed
---[]--- to tell
---[]--- others that
---[]--- you're a
---[]--- Christian

:iconduncannuva: :iconwasplz: :iconnotplz: :iconhereplz:

спс за добавление в просмотр


Favourite style of art: Pating
Favourite cartoon character: Makuta Duncan

Spartan II team

:iconjohn-117plz: :iconfred-104: :iconkelly-087: :iconlinda-058plz: :iconwill-043: :iconkurt-051: :iconsam-034:

Fav Quote: "I dunno"

:iconduncan-117: Is My Spartan
:iconmikuhatsuneplz: Is MY fav singer
:iconmegatronplz: Is My Role Model Transformer
:iconhawkerhurricaneplz: is my fav plane
:iconarizonaplz: is My Fav BATTLESHIP

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