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Six Tribes, One World
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Megatron... Holding Megatron by KrytenMarkGen-0

the picture combines the two Decpticon leaders from the same show. However the lighting you have used on the figure gives and shine it ...

  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Love and Joy
  • Reading: Halo Ghost of Oynx
  • Watching: HALO MCC Walkthourgh
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  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Acid
Name: Duncan James Fraiser McIntyre

age: 18

Height: 5,11 inches

weight, 105 pounds

Hair Colour: Sandy Blonde going burnette

Eye Colour: Blueish-green

Anyother things: has a tattoo on upper left shoulder of the decepticon symbol

What he looks like: He wears a Blue shirt,and Blue  jeans and has a white aprone on aswell as a name badge

Sexuality: Bisexual

any injuries: A Head injury but that is when he was younger
The Bunker at lost hills had been under seige for days. It was drawing closer to the door giving way which it did. In rushed NCR Troops and they arrested the Brotherhood elders before they got their Message out

Midwestern Chapter

Jake a Brotherhood Palidan from the Midwestern had ordered a squad to defend a Village from NCR Rangers. only recently had the Chapter got Comunitcations back with the elders and got word.

He lead his Robot,Deathclaw,Super mutant , Ghoul and Human Squad against the enemy base. With the help of the tank the Three Brotherhood squads Destroyed the NCR in the Midwestern when the elders contacted Jake

"Get back here Palidan we need to discuss out plan" The Elder said. Jake who was mute grunted and returned to the base. He stopped his Talked Robot-TT-3847 "Treds"- moved to him

"Good to see you sir" said the Robo-brain. Jake Smiled and walked into the leader's Office with Treds.

The Elder played the distress message from the Elder's at Lost hill

"Sir Jake says we should help" Treds said. Treds and Jake were connceted via the brain. Due to Jake's Vocal Injuries Treds offered to help. Jake nodded. The Elder Looked at the Red Robo-brain

"Gather your Troops Head Palidan Jake your going to help and By God we are going to help" he said dissmissing them. Treds rounded up Scar and Talon Squadrens as well as Death and Black adder Platoons. All listened to Jake,

"GATHER YOUR GEAR YOUR GOING TO LOST HILLS TO FIGHT THE NC AND WIPE THEM OUT" Treds said with Jake's Voice imprint. The Humans,Ghouls, Super Mutants, Deathclaws and Robots cheered and moved to gather the Armor and Gear.

Mojave Chapter

Mcanamera was enjoying the New Reruits Training aswell as the Robots being rebuilt when his messager ran up to him
"Sir Lost Bunker has been attacked by The NCR. The Elders need help from All Chapters" The Messanger

"Dispatch Delta and Bravo Platoons to help them" Macnamera said. the Messanger set the word and the He could hear the Kinghts and Robots they had moving out.

Capital Chaper

Yuuka sat looking at Duncan her husband giving their Child- Deaths the Deathclaw- a Bath. The male Kinght Ducked a blow and said no to Deaths who wined saddly. Duncan hugge the still wet Deathclaw after Drying him Off and helped the Deathclaw back into it's armor. Duncan and Deaths walked over to Yuuka who was chuckling.

"Something funny dear?" Duncan said sitting next to her and Deaths lieing at their feet
"oh nothing" Yuuka replied. The Duo where in their armor when a their Platoon sargent walked to them

"You two get ready I a taking Liberty Prime Mark II and my Platoon out. we have some problems up with Lost hills and we need to get ready. Deaths can come too Aswell" The Sargenat said patting the Deathclaw. soon the Chapter Moved out. Lyons Pride was with them.

three weeks later.

The Mojave, Midwestern, Captial Wasteland, Texas, New Zealand, Russian, Oklahoma,Hawaii and two other Chapters Meet up just outside of shady springs the NCR Home town -now a city- the leaders were talking when the all agreed on the attack. The Massive Army got geared up in their armies. They moved as one into the NCR City. the NCR Rangers and Soilders Ran out with weapons drawn. The Brotherhood army Stopped. The NCR looked at the Humans, Robots, Super Mutants, Deathclaws, Attack Dogs, Ghouls, And Vechicals all standing before them. One stepped forward with a Robot.

"New Califorina Repulic Surrender or Face Extermination" The Robot said

Colonel watts stepped towards the Mute Leader and the Robot
"I don't listen to Retards and the Fucking sex bot" the Colonel said before being shot by Treds. Jake Nodded and held up his had and singled the Howitezers, Self Prepelled Guns and Other Artillery To open Fire. The Shots smashed into the City this happend fro six days before the gates fell. Jake the Signelled the Attack the Brotherhood Army rushed in. The Dogs and Deathclaws pulling ahead of the others. Deaths Jumped on a Verteran Ranger and Ate his head while Duncan and Yuuka Fired their Galting Lasers int sync, Dan a Ghoul with a short temper Fired his railway Gun at NCR people while Super Mutants and Nightkin Made short work of heavy implacements. Robots begun to Kill NCR Civillans with Brotherhood troopers This lasted for Five years. the Battle of Shady Sands ended with the recapture of the Lost hill Vaults. The sand around the NCR Town was now red from Blood and would remain that way for many years to come. the Brotherhood Elders Sent the kept the Troops here to help restore order and repair Shady Sands and calm people. The Troops from the Russian and New Zealand Chapter Stayed in Shady Sands while the others Returned home. the NCR Was hunted down by Enclave Remints and The Legion but then the Enclave dissolved into the Brotherhood and the Last remaining NCR joined the legion. The Brotherhood Turned its attetion to the Legion and the Next war to fight
Brotherhood-NCR War- Steel Victory
Langaue is there so read at own Caution

Fallout (c) Bethesda

Duncan, Deaths, Yuuka, Jake, Treds, Russian, New Zealand, Hawaii,Oaklahoma  Brotherhood of steel chapters (c) ME
Name: Toa Maxilous
Height: 8 Foot
Armor Colour: Red, Black and Gold
Mask Power: Hau (it looks like Maxilous's Mask)
Toa Power: Toa Of Fire.
Weapon: Axe of Chaos
Pesonnality: He is Fersouly Loyal to Makuta Duncan and can be a Bit boring
Toa Team: M.Duncan's Toa Haga (former Leader), Toa Summit (Toa Rachels Team) Current
Details: He wears gold Carapar armor on his arms and Gold Kalmah Armor on his legs, He has Two of Elahk spikes coming from his chest to his back that are Silver,

Bio: Orginally Makuta Duncan's Toa Hagha Leader he served up until the Theift of the Mask OF Light. M.Duncan and His Haga Team Helped the Rahaga escape and M.Duncan Said goodbye to his Toa Haga as they traveled to help another land. Eventually a Dark hunter ambush cost Maxilous his team but swore to Keep fighting for the good of people. After Teridax's death the Lieutenant Found him and Grabbed him to Train Rachel and Danny later Joinning the Toa Summit with the Lieutenant and Danny aswell.
Bio Of Bionicle
Toa Maxilous my Lastest Toa who helps Makuta Duncan

After the Dark Hunter Ambush he lost his joy in his voice and speaks quite coldly (much Like Kopaka In Mask of Light Movie)

Toa Rachel, Danny and Maxilous, Lieutenant, Makuta Duncan (c) ME

Bionicle (c) LEGO
By now you are all Fimilar with the Animatronic called the mangle...Well I made a Discovery and have my own Theroy to why It's trying to kill you.

The Leathal Force Theory.

What if the Mangle's Voice is saying

.2:$end:0:$3:0">"Error Unable to patch though to Police" Mangle
"Problem with Connecting to Police" and the Second head on the Animatronic could say

.2:$end:0:$7:0">"Leathal Force must be used"

"Protect the Children. Terminate the Hostile"

This could be why The Mangle is trying to get you because the Mangle has TWO Endo Skeleton Heads on it's body. So that could be. If you listen to the Mangles Static you can hear it from 20-28 seconds. towards the end of it
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Love and Joy
  • Reading: Halo Ghost of Oynx
  • Watching: HALO MCC Walkthourgh
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Acid
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Love and Joy
  • Reading: Halo Ghost of Oynx
  • Watching: HALO MCC Walkthourgh
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Acid


Duncan McIntyre
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
New Zealand
I am Duncan and this is My deviantart page. It cost's Four hundred Thousand Dollars to Look at this page for twelve Seconds *roars with laughter* I am only kidding mate…

My Tumbler

ducannuva,i know how u pushed around like trash too,but.i mean,peapole are mean and hateful,but i heard a story about a girlwhos in collage,and when she went to middle school and high school,she was bullied,but,in the end the guy bullying her was put in to comunity servace and had to leave gorgia.and i feel like you becuse when i was little my brother said was adopted,and this kid at my day care when i was five picked on me all the time,but,i steeled my nerves and over came it,in the end i was no longer afraid of him.if he picked on me id ignore him and pretend he was a brick.but if you dont listen to us and leave,ill die,and i wont say goodbuy.but the point is,your strong enough to control this.i belive you can defeat the person bullying you,and over come this.for you are powerful,strong,kind,valueble,
and one of the most greatest,and aowsome person i had commented to.but if you dont want to listen,then,so be it.but,may god bless you all the way,all the way to the goal of this.keep fighting,and im sure you will come on top of them are a mighty drago of the stars to me.and that wont cange.we care about you,and were your can talk to us whenever you wish.i hope i m helping some,becuse,i care.ill protect you.i willl be here when you need me the most.i,i just care abou tyou,im worrying about you,wondering if your allright.i know i cant stop you,from doing thimgs you must do.but,what im saying is,go were your hart leads,reach for you goal,and,freinds,are forever conected.once you love or become the closest of freinds with someone,they stay in your hart,forever.

Kind Words get you Somewhere
my DA Friends

:iconkrytenmarkgen-0: :iconstarscreamsgurl: :iconsaronicle: :icontoadjacara:
:iconhalo-yokoshima: :iconsniperray213: :iconbloodlust500: :icon4steal:

People who I consider my Heros

:iconhalo-yokoshima: :iconkrytenmarkgen-0: Peter jackson, Peter Cullan and Frank Welker

My Pokemon Team

Alduin- Charizard- Male- Shiney- LV 100

Rocky Road- Regirock- Male- LV 85

Dagger- Kabutops- Male- Lv 51

Crunch- Feraligator- Male- Lv 60

Cutter- Garchomp- Male- lv 100

M Duncan- Bisharp (Kirkizan)- Male- LV 67

Momiji- Mightyenna- female- LV 100

Raiji- Absol- Female- LV 100

Draxon- Septile- Male- LV 78

Yuugi- Golem- Female- LV 78

Scar- Yvetal- Male- LV Unkown

Grimlock- Tyrantrum- Male

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:iconduncannuva: :iconwasplz: :iconnotplz: :iconhereplz:

спс за добавление в просмотр


Favourite style of art: Pating
Favourite cartoon character: Makuta Duncan

Spartan II team

:iconjohn-117plz: :iconfred-104: :iconkelly-087: :iconlinda-058plz: :iconwill-043: :iconkurt-051: :iconsam-034:

Fav Quote: "I dunno"

This User is stragenly attracted to :iconfnaf2mangleplz:
This user likes Five Nights at Freddy's one and two and is in the middle of doing concept art for his own Game parody called Nine years and Five Nights

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