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Megatron... Holding Megatron by KrytenMarkGen-0

the picture combines the two Decpticon leaders from the same show. However the lighting you have used on the figure gives and shine it ...


Now you die Old one by Duncannuva
Now you die Old one
"You are done now, GIVE me the location of the Mask of power" Ruunaja Shouted at the Toa Makuta. He aimed his Acid shooter
"NEVER" Said Toa Makuta Duncan Aiming his own Acid Chain gun and standing ready

Ruunaja (c) :iconkrytenmarkgen-0:
Toa Makuta Duncan (c) Me
Bionicle (c) Lego
Kultur Upgrade by Duncannuva
Kultur Upgrade
I brought recently Kultur VS Ekimu set, I was impressed and like Kultur Very much. SO I upgraded his Legs to what you see and his feet

Bionicle (c) Lego
June 5 1957

World war 2 was still On going. Germany ressurected Dinosaurs and Built mech's. They also had their Maus and RATTE Tanks on the battle field. the allies made one mistake invaiding Germany. Japan had Turned on their Allies. Russia Fell to Nazi Germany now Britian faced the enemy. Germany had many troops and Tank commanders. One such Tank Crew of a Mark Four MAUS was just that

Westren Front. Paris France


Corpal Marisa Kasmine of the Thrid Platoon from Britian was fighting an advancing German Army four five days. She had just under twenty Troops and Five Sherman Tanks. She stopped as the Lieutenant Shouted

"MAUS TANK WE'RE SCREAWED" He shouted. She looked out and saw the advancing Tank. It opened fire destorying the stationary Sherman tanks. One tank opened fire. Its 52 mm Shell bounced off. The Maus opened fire destorying the tank and five men. The rest opened fire but the tank rolled over them. Marisa watched in horror as the Tank Stopped out side her location. She heard talking from inside. The hatch opened and a Body was thrown out.

"Nitori who here knows how to drive this dam thing" Shouted a Helmeted Person who exited. six other people got out the Sherman Shell had Killed their Driver. The Helmeted Commander Sighed and entered the hut. He stopped at the door way and Marisa Jumped up and aimed her pistol but the commander unarmed her and Captured her.

"Do you know how to Drive a Tank?" Asked the Commander. Marisa nodded. The commander Picked her up and Pulled her out of the hut and placed her infront of her Crew. The Crew looked at the American then back at Duncan. The Red eyed commander Growled them to respect his order and get in to repairs. Marisa Sat in the Drivers spot while the rest of the team got ready. Youmu sat in her Raido Positon. Meiling and Nitori got ready to load the shells. Next to Marias sat Duncan the comander. The MAUS tank rumbled to life and begun moving. soon the Tank joined up with another German Platoon. However an Aircraft engine drone was heard and detroyed the Tanks around the The War ended.

Panzerfiend School. 2012

Duncan's Desendant stood in a group with Four others. they saw their Maus Tank. They were given a map. Duncan is the Commander of the group. Nitori is the Raido, Marisa is the Driver, Meiling and Youmu are the Tanks Loaders. They jumped into the Massive Tank and begun to drive to the spot. soon they were in a Fight with the other students. Being f team they opened fire. Due to the weak spot on the back of the tank Duncan kept the Tank Going forwards and always had the back to the denesse Brush. Opening fire the MAUS round missed a German panzer. Duncan ordered the Tank to Charge only to fall into a trap and becoming stuck in the mud. the weight of the Tank and the mud cause Duncan to surrendor. after the training Day Duncan went to his bunk and sighed. He looked at his Grandfathers Picture. the First New Zealander/German to Ask help from the enemy he latter married the American after they won the war. Duncan rested on his bunk and rubbed his eyes. His crimson red eyes looked back at him from the mirror. Duncan Gasped at the sight and Blinked but the Crimson Red eyes Stayed there. Duncan shook his head and went to bed.

The Next Morning.

Duncan awoke. Today was different. There was no School. Duncan went for a walk like he normaly Did. he was walking in the forest near the school he had been in that forest for a while when he came a across a Maus Tank Track. He had not seen this before and followed it until it brought him to a MAUS Tank. Duncan looked  at the Covered Relic. It had it's name and Production Number  on the  side. 257685 Sakuya's Wrath. Duncan Froze and then after what seemed a Hour ran back to the school and jumpped into the Training MAUS. He Pushed it out the gates. Nitori and Meiling watch in shock and ran after the MAUS. The Two Caughtup to Duncan and the Stolen Mark XII MAUS. He had tied a Tow chain to a Wrecked Mark II MAUS in the Tree. Nitori and Meiling sat and Watched as The Mark XII Pulled the Mark Two out of it's Over grown Tomb and was Pulled back to the School. The  Teaching staff and Other Students watch as Meiling and Nitori ran Back and the slow Rumble of the MAUS Tank drove in the now broken gates. There was a Gasp as the Old MAUS Tank was pulled in. Duncan stopped the Mark Tweleve and Jumpped out and Looked at the group

"I've got Detention Don't I?" He asked the head mistress. The Head Mistress Looked at him and Told him his detention was getting the Relice MAUS Up and Running and working. Duncan sighed and got to work

Three to Nine Months later

The Head mistress Who's Daughter is Youmu. Went to look at the MARK 2 MAUS Tank Commanded By Her Great Grandmother who was called Youmu aswell. she stepped down to find Duncan asleep nead the left Tred and the Tank Looking Brand New. Duncan Yawned and awoke not noticing the Head Mistress. He removed the Engine Cover after jumping onto the Tank and looked at the Old engine and Frowned.

"what seems to  be the  problem?" Asked the Head mistress causing Duncan to Jump.

"We don't have a Replacement Engine or the parts to repair this old one" Duncan said Jumping off the Tank. Just then Nitori walked in

"I know where to get an Engine" She said pointing to the Mark Twelve Tank. Duncan Then Got the Mark Twelve Engine and placed it into the Mark Two. Duncan Kicked the engine starter and the Engine Roared into life after Coughing alot. Duncan Tested the raidio and The Turrent and fired the gun on the range. Duncan Drove the Tank back into the Shed and saw the Mark Two Engine not their. He raised an eye brow. Soon the Tank Trials were Back. a Panzer IV, A M4 Sherman, Stugg 88, Maus II and Tiger III were ready for Final Trials. The Tanks Sat with their Team embels Painted on the Turret sides. Duncan sat in the Commander hatch.

"Lets Tank this Carefully. Moved to the Forest" Duncan Ordered getting an Odd Look From Marisa and Meiling. the two Shurgged and Marisa got the Tank Moving into the Forest. The Other Tanks Moved. Duncan Ordered the MAUS to stop. The Engine in the big Tank Snapped off. He ordered to it to be keeped on to move the turrent. The M4 Sherman Commanded by Alex. He had ordered his Tank driving to close to the Forest with the Maus in it. The Sherman Stopped. Alex heard another Tank but not behind him or infront of him.  A Shell smashed into the Sherman. Before anyone could get ready the MAUS rammed them. Duncan and his Crew Laughed as the Stugg 88 Opened Fired on it. Duncan Ordered the Tank Into Reverse. the MAUS drove backwards as quickly as it could. The Stugg and the Tiger III Gave Chase. Marisa Stopped the Tank it was near a River Bank which dropped into the river.

"When you see them FIRE" Duncan Said Jumping down to help Rotate the Turret with Marisa. Meiling and youmu Loaded the Gun while Nitori helped Move the Turrent. Soon the Stugg joined the Sherman in defeat after the Maus Fired and then A Double shot took out the Tiger III with help from the Panzer IV. The two Tanks left aimed Their Guns and fired tanking each other out. The Tanks were recovered by the schools recovery vechicals. The MAUS was pulled in by two Leapords and three Tiger Tanks. Duncan,Meiling, Nitori, Marisa,Yomu sat with the other Tank Crews in their Posh Uniform. Duncan Wore his Great Grandfathers Comander Hat. Soon it was Duncan's Crew to get an award. All Of them Did and now where asigned to the Middle east in Their MAUS Verson 2 tank with the 33rd Armored Tank Core. Duncan Sat in his Hut resting his head from the harsh Noon Sun.

Four Years Later

Duncan Was sweating and Bleeding from his head. The Attack wasn't easing up as all of the 33rd armored Tank Core Fought the Rebels. The MAUS Tank was dented and Driving into enemy Tanks with Tigers and Panzers Following it. Nitori was calm while Marisa Drove the Battered Tank. Meiling and Yomu worked as one Moving the Turrent and Firing the Shell after Shell.

"hay Move us East" Nitori Said after talking to the Commander. The Fighting had stopped and the Three Remaining Tigers and Two Panzers Drove east with the Maus behind them. Soon they got the 34th,35th and 36th and the Main base Platoon after a Few weeks. The Maus was pulling a Tiger and one Panzer into the base. It crawled past the main gate before breaking down with the other Tiger and Panzer the Crews Climbed out and imdently were sent for medical Check up while Repair Crews Repaired the tank.

Few Weeks later
Duncan got a letter from his Girl Friend Robin. He read the letter it said she was in hopsital undergoing surgery, Duncan sent back a picture and a Golden Locket with a picture of both of them. Duncan walked past two of the eight ratte tanks from 36th.

"Sir" Duncan said to the Commander
"What happened to 33rd?" Asked the commander
"Wiped out by the rebals and Three capture Maus and Ratte Tanks Sir" Duncan said showing them pictures Marisa had taken during the fire fight of captured Tanks , Tigers, Panzers, Panthers, Leapords, Maus and a Ratte aswell as Shermans and A Few Chruchhill's. The Group Ordered Duncan to Make sure their Artilery was ready. Duncan Got the Tanks and artilery ready aswell as The Tank Destroyers. The Wounded were Fixed up as the Enemy drove and opened fire. One 36th Ratte Opened Fire at the Enemy Ratte. The Enemy ratte soon came under fire from Duncan's Maus
and Two 34th Maus's. The Enemy Ratte  Exploded and took out all Three Maus's. The Enemy Group was Broken and picked off by a Jagpanzer and two KV-2's The Enemy Tiger that was Knocked out was Towed back by a Maus. Duncan awoke in the Medical Tent. He had hit his head during the fight. He had an Ice pack on his forehead and looked around the tent. His hat sat on the table next to him so did Nitori. The Blue haired girl looked back at him.

"my head hurts" Duncan groaned before spitting out flem. Nitori smiled

"I wouldn't be suprised. you hit your head on the forward Machine gun" She said

"I hope i didn't dent it" Duncan said smiling

Five Months later a thrid world war had begun

this time it was the Reformed allies vs the New Nazis. Duncan as in comand of his Maus Tank. They were on Patrol near the school they had been at. It was on the borderof Allied ocupied BelguBelgumim and Nazi Germany. Duncan Growled as he watched from above the commanders hatch. He saw something and then whispered it back to the crew. The Maus came to a halt. Duncan trained his Hunting Telescope to see Allied Troops and Armor.

" GET A MESSAGE THROW TO COMMAND WE ARE BEING INVADED" Duncan shouted to Nitori who wasted no time in getting that message to Germany. The message was sent but it was too late the Allied Troops saw the lone Maus and opened fire at it. Duncan ordered the Maus to return Fire.
Duncan watched as T-95 Turtle Tanks Drove out of the woods Duncan ordered Fire to be sent to the Tanks, The T-95 Shot once and the Maus Went Quite. Duncan and his crew looked as the engine was hit by a single armor percing Round. The round had also cut the Turrent's power and. Duncan watched in horror from the Slit as the Marked T-95 was that of Rose's Tank. She was the Meanest Tank Comander. Duncan Gulped and pulled out his Mauser Pistol. The Rest of the Crew sat quite as the T-95 rumbled beside them and stopped. All of them Waited as the T-95's hatch opened and foot-steps were heard on sqleching in the mud towards the tank.
the Tales of the MAUS
Part two of my Unfinished work and never going to get finished

Dino D-Day (c) Who ever created it (i forgot)

Girls und Panzer (c) Funimation. (i'll change when I figure it out)

Touhou (c) ZUN
Natasha Smiled evilly to her self. She drew her knife back for the final strike. 
"FREEZE NATASHA" Shouted a Voice from behind her. She turned and was arrested by the police. Jake, Peter, Lewis, Vincent, Duncan, Scott and Stewart watched her being taken away and shut the doors to Fazbears one last time and locked them and turned their backs on it 

Kitty's Fun house 

Kitty and Savage were looking over the news paper and saw Fazbears closed down after a Murderer Captured 

"Well about time" Said Kitty
"agreed" Replied Savage
"Um could we..I dunno...try and save the other Animatornic's?" Asked Monster. Kitty nodded and walked over to the mangers office and left a note

at Fazbears 
Riptor Sat in the dark with Chica holding his hand. it had been years. They didn't know what to do now. Most of Riptors and Freddy's Gang sat Decaying in one spot. Spring Bonnie, Gold Riptor and Fredbear all stood on the rotting wooden Stage. Freddy Stood with Foxy in the Now Dying  Pirate's Cove. Riptor and Chica sat in the Former Parts and Servace. Jaws and Mangle lay in Kids cove, While Gorza, Derpy, Fifi, Mary, Hacker, Arr, Duncan the Marionette and the Marionette all sat or lay in Prize Corner. Riptor's eyes flickered and his voice box garbled. No one could hear him. Riptor's Eyes Flickered to dim life lighting a few inches infront of the Velcoraptor Animatronic. He moved his Rusting neck Motors and his springlock jaws failed each time he moved. his upper jaw became unhicted from the joint causing his jaw's to stop snaping. He looked at the Toy Animatronics dulling in their Colour, The Orginal Animatronic's suite's Rotting and Endo Skeleton's Rusting all of them locked up. He looked at the Springlock suites each slumped over or not on the stage due to the wood giving away. He moved his neck to the flickering video game stands now rusting and Flickering

"Why.....y..yy HavE wE BeEn FoRgOtTeN?" Riptor managed to Say gurbled and through static before he failed and fell into a Coma like the others. Just then Kitty's Manager, Chris, Monster, Savage and Kitty found the ment to be forgotten location. Jake stood out side and handed Kitty's Manager the key

"Thanks for buying this place. I do regret of letting it fall into disrepair but the Company was Disbanded after more Places came forth with Murders of Children and Staff and they Shut it down" Jake said walking to his car. Kitty's Manager opened the Front doors and got Chris to back the truck up. Turning on the lights he saw the Animatronic's either Rotting or Rusiting. Riptor Activated once more and emitted a Sound. The Manager and Kitty ran to find the Dinosaur looking at them with Broken Eyes and wires sticking out of his Rotting suite

"HeLp Us PlEaSe" He begged at the shadows he saw. Kitty Knelt infront of Riptor
"we will" She said before standing up. Savage Picked up Riptor and Moved him to the back of the Truck and placed Chica with him. Monster Looked away from the sight of his friends. He sat in the truck with Chris. Savage loaded in Spring-Riptor last and closed the door to the truck. Chris started the Truck for the Long Journy Back to Kitty's

At Kitty's

Riptor's, Freddy's, Bosses and Toy Freddy's Gangs were laid down on the floor. Each of Kitty's Gang looked sad at the sight of the Rotting suited, Rusted and Dead Animatronics, all bar two,Duncan The Marrionette activated and sat up and looked at the sight. He repaired his eyes with a set he had stored in a safe place. Looking at Kitty's gang he stood up
"Stearing won't help" He said to them causing them to look at him.
"Do you have parts?" Asked the Tall Puppet. Kitty Nodded. Duncan pointed told her to get them all and any tools they had. He then Told Dawn and her sister to take off the suites. The KItty Animatronics Jumped to it. After Each Animatronic on the ground was Suiteless Duncan looked over each suite on a Maniquine.

"They are Repair able, Who is the best sticher?" He asked
"me" Said Dawn. Duncan the Marionette handed her pictures of the Gnag's in their Suites
"Follow that please" he said and Dawn Got to work. Kitty Returned with all the parts on a Trolly while savage Returned with the Tools. Monster arrived with Labeled Containers. Duncan the Puppet got to work repairing the Fazbear animatronics. Kitty's Gang all watched at how fast the Puppet stripped Riptor, Hacker and Fifi Down to parts and soaking in a rust remover. He Resoldered their Eletronics and repair their other Parts and put them back together. He made short work on everyone else. The others activated bar Riptor as Duncan was editing his software.the other got in their suites while Chica stayed by Riptor. Duncan the Marionette Finished Five hours later and uploaded Riptor's A.I into Him. Riptor didn't move Chica Looked worried before he opened an eye and smiled
FNAF- New owners
The third and final one


Fubaki stood on the wharf over looking the Naval District. She watched her friends train on the waves. She however wasn't able to join them as in her last mission been damaged by a torpedo. She turned away from the wharf when

"What is that poi?" Asked Yudachi. This caused Kaga, Kongo, Tripiz and Two Other Cruisers to follow gaze. Out in the Harbor there seemed to be a battle. Not wasting anytime the Two Battleships, Cruisers and One Destroyer and Aircraft Carrier  rushed out to help. As soon as they got there they saw a Odd looking Curiser. Kaga Launched Planes to help the Fight but the Odd Cruiser looked at them as the last Abyssal fighter hit the water

"we arrived too late" Moaned Kongo. just as she said that the Cruiser Collapsed on to his hand and knees
"If you have a Dock I would like to use it please" said the Cruiser staggering to his feet only to slip into unconsciousness. Tirpiz Caught him and the Group quickly got to the Docks.

Achilles Awoke From his his nightmare. he was panting and confused, looking around he calmed down a bit as he looked at the Other Empty Bath tubs and spa pools. He sat in a small one off to the side to be repaired. he shook his head and blink to restore his vision only to freeze in embarrassment as  a group of Women were watching him
"Um Do you mind?" He stuttered out. the women just smiled.
"So you do talk" joked a Brown Hair woman. Achilles Swallowed Hard and Breathed out
"the Names Hiei and I was tasked to Watch over you" Hiei said. Achilles Smiles Shyly
"can I have some Privacy please" he said Blushing and looking away. Hiei giggled and left the repair Dock. Achilles was once again left to his thoughts, He woundered how much damage he took from the skirmish that he was in, He also wondered if the people he was protecting had made it
 He stopped Wondering and Got out of the Repair Dock he put on his towel and walked out to put on his clothes. He was finished Dressing and walked out to find Almost every girl in Naval District standing out side waiting for him. He was shocked and blinked twice and before his stage fright got hold of him and he fled.

"RUN RUN ACHILLES JUST RUN DAMMIT" He screamed as the Hoard of Females Chased after him. He skidded to a halt just before he fell off the warf he looked left and right and then down. He knew if he fell in he would sink and be unable to do anything about it. He was quickly grabbed by Hiei and taken to the far end of the shore where Hiei's sisters, Another Battleship, a Destroyer were. Hiei put him on the beach and Achilles fell to his knees.
"sorry about the quick Grab" said Hiei
"You saved my skin thanks" Achilles said standing up before catching his breath
"My Name is Kongo" said another woman with a red skirt
"I am Kirishima" said a Glasses woman
"the Name is Haruna" Said a Charcoal haired Woman
"I am Fubuki" said the Destroyer
"and I am Yamato" replied the Final Woman. Achilles smiled and stood straiter
"I am HMNZS Achilles At your Service" He said
"HMNZS?" asked Yamato
"His Majesty's New Zealand Service" Achilles said "but just call me Achilles Please"
"so what are you doing here?" said a Stern Voice from Behind them. The Group Turned to see Security Ship Nagato.
"well I was transferred Here by the New Zealand Admiral. I.I...I wasn't very good at being the Leader Class Cruiser even after my incident" Achilles said lowering his head in shame. Fubuki,Hiei and the others looked at him.
"Never mind that you will be serving with Torpedo Group Three" Nagato Said turning and walking off. Achilles was puzzled
"Torpedo Group 3?" He said
"Your with Me" said Fubuki. Fubuki lead Achilles Back to the Torpedo Three Dorm. He was thrown into a Room with Three Light curisers and two other Destroyers. Fubuki Introduce him and Achilles Bowed
"Let's see how you do tomorrow with Training" Naka Said leaving the room streching and yawning. Her sisters Followed Achilles sat in the corner of the Destroyers Room facing the wall while they changed. He turned around after thrity Minutes and turned off the lights and slept on the floor that night. the Next Morning Achilles stood on the water facing all of Torpedo Three in a Combat Training MOC battle. He had been fitted with dummy Rounds and Torpedos as had the others. On the shore the other Ships watched. Achilles Knew what he had to do. Naka and her three sisters split off from the destroyers and Fubuki lead the Destroyers in a pincer attack. Achilles smiled and moved back throwing their aim off. he then trained his Shoulder and Arm Turrets and fired at the Girls. However the quicker girls moved after he fired his first salvo. However Achilles had moved and was behind Naka and fired a Torpedo taking her out. Soon the other's found them selves on the water looking at Achilles. 

Three months later

Nagato was talking to Mutsu about the up coming mission When the Admiral ordered Nagato to send out the Cruisers to gather Supplies. Tenreyu was standing with all Light and Heavy cruises. Achilles stood next to her as the cruisers got geared up and headed out. The mission was going well until Abyssal opened fire. The Cruisers engaged the Abyssal.
"Human Fishing Vessels south of here. Go Ten I got this" Achilles said  moving into gun range of his  12 inch guns. Tenreyuu and the other Cruisers Moved with the Supplies and HUman Fishing Vessels out of the fight 
Kantai Collection- A New Zealand Problem.
Yea I'm just uploading some unfinished and not going to get finished stories I have sta.shed away in my artwork folders. Due to no longer having time to finish them

Kantai Collection (c) DMM

Achillies (c) Me
IN.Death, Muntant Form of Makuta Duncan
Delta: Former Order of Mata Nui Agent
Delta 033303. Former Imperial Storm Commander/ Former Clone Commando/ Resitance Trooper
Springtor: Nine Years and Five Nights Antagonist/ Decaying Golden Riptor with Head Manager inside
Achillies: Kantai Collection

1. Introduce your Self
Delta: Sup
Delta: CT 033303 Reporting
Springtor: It's Time to Die
Achillies: RNZN Achillies Reporting

2. Where do you originate form?
IN.Death: A Mutagen
Delta: Sphereus Magna
Delta: Kamino
Springtor: Some Building Facility
Achillies: ENGLAND 

3. stop being mary sues

Everyone: NIEN

4. favorite Food?
IN.Death: Life energy
Delta: Thornax Fruit
Delta: Hamburgers
Springtor: Human Flesh
Achillies: Fish and Chips

5. Favorite Drink
IN.Death: Blood
Delta: Wine or Water
Delta: Water
Springtor: Cola
Achillies: Tea

6. Relationship time! who do you love?
IN.Death: None
Delta: Was Hylrex then Tolbuk
Delta: No one
Springtor: None
Achillies: *holds up a List of all the Ship girls that love him* I like Fubuki or Yamato, Maybe Kongo

7. sorry for putting you on the spot. also who do you look up too?
In.Death: No one
Delta: Makuta Duncan
Delta: Darth Raven
Springtor: The Crying Child
Achillies: The Admiral

8. biggest strength?
In.Death: My Size
Delta: My Robotic Arm
Delta: my Fellow Soliders
Springtor: Your Fears
Achillies: My Super Kai Ni

9. Biggest weakness?
In.Death: M.Duncan would tell you my chest. *laughs* I have nothing weak
Delta: My Arm
Delta: My past
Springtor: My Past
Achillies: Jake and Aki

10. Biggest Fear:
Delta: Chaos
Delta: The Empire Wining
Springtor: The Killer Escaping
Achillies: Being sunk

11. when do you become active/aggressive?
IN.Death: I am always aggressive
Delta: insulting Me
Delta: Adrenaline
Springtrap: Night 2
Achillies: Hurt Aki 

12. an Eye for an Eye ...
All: A tooth for a tooth

13. Bored?


14. 6 more questions

All: (crap)

15. Favorite Dream?
Delta: peace
Delta: No war
Springtor: Being gone from this shell
Achillies: It's a Secrete

All Swut

17: *giggles*
All Meh

18. *laughs*
All: The Joke is gone

19: Pizza Party
In.Death: What's a Pizza
Delta: *looks at him*
Delta: Oh Snap son
Springtor: FUCK YES
Achillies: *calling the Ships girls and Jake*

20. Who you gonna tag?
  • Listening to: Kantai Collection and Touhou Music
  • Reading: WW1 stories und battle of Gallipoli
  • Watching: Youtube and Documentry's
  • Playing: Destiny or Transformers Devastation
  • Eating: NOODLES or Ice Cream
  • Drinking: WATER or Soda.


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I am Duncan and this is My deviantart page. It cost's Four hundred Thousand Dollars to Look at this page for twelve Seconds *roars with laughter* I am only kidding mate…

My Tumbler

ducannuva,i know how u pushed around like trash too,but.i mean,peapole are mean and hateful,but i heard a story about a girlwhos in collage,and when she went to middle school and high school,she was bullied,but,in the end the guy bullying her was put in to comunity servace and had to leave gorgia.and i feel like you becuse when i was little my brother said was adopted,and this kid at my day care when i was five picked on me all the time,but,i steeled my nerves and over came it,in the end i was no longer afraid of him.if he picked on me id ignore him and pretend he was a brick.but if you dont listen to us and leave,ill die,and i wont say goodbuy.but the point is,your strong enough to control this.i belive you can defeat the person bullying you,and over come this.for you are powerful,strong,kind,valueble,
and one of the most greatest,and aowsome person i had commented to.but if you dont want to listen,then,so be it.but,may god bless you all the way,all the way to the goal of this.keep fighting,and im sure you will come on top of them are a mighty drago of the stars to me.and that wont cange.we care about you,and were your can talk to us whenever you wish.i hope i m helping some,becuse,i care.ill protect you.i willl be here when you need me the most.i,i just care abou tyou,im worrying about you,wondering if your allright.i know i cant stop you,from doing thimgs you must do.but,what im saying is,go were your hart leads,reach for you goal,and,freinds,are forever conected.once you love or become the closest of freinds with someone,they stay in your hart,forever.

Kind Words get you Somewhere
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M Duncan- Bisharp (Kirkizan)- Male- LV 67

Momiji- Mightyenna- female- LV 100

Raiji- Absol- Female- LV 100

Draxon- Septile- Male- LV 78

Yuugi- Golem- Female- LV 78

Scar- Yvetal- Male- LV Unkown

Grimlock- Tyrantrum- Male

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██████████████████████████ ███████▀▀▀░░░░░░░▀▀▀██████ ██████▀░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▀███ █████│░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░│███ ████└┐░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░┌┘░██ ███░░└┐░░░░░░░░░░░░░░┌┘░░█ ███░┌┘▄▄▄▄▄░░░░░▄▄▄▄▄└┐░░█ ██▌░▄██████▄░░░▄██████▄░▐█ ███─┘░░▓▓▓▓░░░░░▓▓▓▓░░└─██ ██▀▓▓▓░▓▓▓▓░░░░░▓▓▓▓░▓▓░▀█ ██▄▓▓▓░▓▓▓▓▄▄▄▄▄▓▓▓▓░▓▓▄██ ████▄─┘█████████████└─▄███ █████░░▐███████████▌░░████ ██████░░▀█████████▀░░▐████ ███████░░░░▓▓▓▓▓░░░░▄█████ ████████▄░░░░░░░░░▄███████ ███████████▓▓▓▓▓██████████ ███████████▓▓▓▓▓██████████ ██╗████████╗███████╗ ███╗ ███╗ ███████╗ ██║╚══██╔══╝██╔════╝ ████╗ ████ ██╔════╝ ██║ ██║ ███████╗ ██╔████╔██ █████╗ ██║ ██║ ╚════██║ ██║╚██╔╝██║██╔══╝ ██║ ██║ ███████║ ██║ ╚═╝ ██║███████╗ ╚═╝ ╚═╝ ╚══════╝ ╚═╝ ╚═╝ ╚══════╝

:iconduncannuva: :iconwasplz: :iconnotplz: :iconhereplz:

спс за добавление в просмотр


Favourite style of art: Pating
Favourite cartoon character: Makuta Duncan

Spartan II team

:iconjohn-117plz: :iconfred-104: :iconkelly-087: :iconlinda-058plz: :iconwill-043: :iconkurt-051: :iconsam-034:

Fav Quote: "I dunno"

This User is stragenly attracted to :iconfnafmangleplz:
This user likes Five Nights at Freddy's one and two and is in the middle of doing concept art for his own Game parody called Nine years and Five Nights

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Fair enough. 

To just state I am rather Busy in Real life so I don't have any time left for Deviantart due to looking for work and studying for my driver license 
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The thing with her tig ol bitties by Dragunalb
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